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SANBANTAICHOU - the ichimaru gin fan community

don't open your eyes, keep that crafty smile

SANBANTAICHOU - ichimaru gin fan community
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Ichimaru Gin

Hello and welcome to the Ichimaru Gin fan community on livejournal! With silvery hair, perpetually unopen eyes and his trademark smile, that is the Sanbantaichou!

Community Themes for any form of fanwork!

1. Anyone is free to join :D JUST LOVE ICHIMARU GIN. No introduction posts needed!
2. While constructive criticism for fanfiction / fanart / discussions / ideas are appreciated, flaming is not.
3. You are free to post anything regarding Ichimaru Gin- post your latest fic, fanart or your wonderful insane spoiler theories! Or just swooning over his eyes ^^ But STAY ON TOPIC - it's anything involving GIN!
4. All posts that are not work safe (yaoi, hentai, nudity), include a warning, friends-lock it and keep it under a LJ cut. All fics must go by the following format:

RATING: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17/18+

5. Put all work / spoilers under a LJ cut!

just bleach!
soul_society - the mother of all bleach societies!
kurosaki_clinic - and bleach fanwork!
bleach_icons - especially for the icon-crazed!
all_for_bleach - when we say "all", we mean ALL!
bleach_exchange - the best way of bleach christmas!

bleach characters are love!
blademypride - he's known as "the one who protects", "strawberry" kurosaki ichigo!
sanbantaifuku - because gin needs his aide, the sanbantai fukutaichou kira izuru!
hanatarou_fans - the marvellous yonbantai shinigami yamada hanatarou!
hypnotic_blue - the absolutely smexy formerly bespectacled gobantai captain aizen sousuke!
sakura_senka - the wonderful sexy rokubantai captain kuchiki byakuya!
marked_fang - the hot bishey tattooed rokubantai fukutaichou abarai renji!
hitsu_fans - our darling white-haired prodigy shiro-chan, hitsugaya toushirou!
ukitake_fans - the sweet, wise and just awfully nice ukitake jyuushirou!
rukia_fans - the shinigami who loves her chappy rabbit, kuchiki rukia!
4_6_12dork_trio - for those who love the much underappreciated trio: yamada hanatarou, rikichi and tsubokura rin
urahara_shouten - lots of fanservice by our dearest sandalhat urahara kisuke!
kon_fans - everybody's favourite pervy mod-soul, kon!
ishidafansanon - sleek hair, glasses and the god of sewing: ishida uryuu!
quincy_papa - who said ishida uryuu was the last quincy? we hereby present ishida ryuuken, uryuu's dad!
karakura_chaos - the madness that is karakura!
arrancar_fans - introducing aizen's newest subordinates... the arrancars!
whitedeathberry - seeing two ichigos? nope! presenting to you hollow!ichigo/shirosaki, the 'evil' half of our favourite strawberry!
ulquiorra_fc - for our favorite sexy EMO cuarto espada, ulquiorra cifer!
nnoitra_is_love - he loves to fight: the quinto espada, nnoitra jiruga
icecold_discord - the wild sexta espada, grimmjow jaggerjack!

bleach pairings are love!
aizenxgin - scheming shingamis come in pairs: aizen sousuke and ichimaru gin!
asterisk_plus - because all uncommon pairings in bleach need a place!
bleach_het - for all your HeT-loving goodness!
bleach_yuri - for all your yuri needs!
bya_soi - a thousand sakura petals and a hornet's sting: kuchiki byakuya and soi fon
ginichigo - so, do foxes and strawberries go together?: ichimaru gin and kurosaki ichigo
ginkira - the third division love of ichimaru gin and kira izuru!
ginran - the beautiful yet sad romance between ichimaru gin and matsumoto rangiku!
grimmurqui - love or hate? you decide when it comes to grimmjow jeagerjaques and ulquiorra cifer
grimmulquifc - there's never too much love/hate going on between grimmjow jeagerjaques and ulquiorra cifer
hitsuhina - the best loved youngster couple around with hitsugaya toushirou and hinamori momo!
ichihitsu - when the black moon meets with frozen ice: kurosaki ichigo and hitsugaya toushirou
ichi_ruki - the love story between the "strawberry" and the symbol of death: kurosaki ichigo and kuchiki rukia!
ourshakinthrone - the horse and his king: hollow!ichigo and kurosaki ichigo!
ren_tatsu - where sparks fly literally between abarai renji and arisawa tatsuki!
uraishi - for the crack love between urahara kisuke and ishida uryuu!
yo_ur - the cat and the sandal-hat: shihouin yoruichi and urahara kisuke!

Email us at kazura_uyurin's address or leave a comment here to be affiliated! :D

Drop a note to the maintainers' / moderators' personal journals: shizuyuki, _kaze3chizen and kazura_uyurin should you need help anytime!

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