Tinni (tinni) wrote in sanbantaichou,

Gin in Walt Disney World

This is what was posted on my Bleach Wiki talk page a moment ago,

Hey, Happy New Year, I love the new profile pic! I actually just got back from Walt Disney World a few hours ago, and I couldn't wait to tell you this, because I totally went insane when I saw this. Over at Epcot they just opened a new exhibit at the Japan pavilion called "Spirited Beasts: From Ancient Stories to Anime Stars" a few months ago. I knew I wouldn't see anything about shinigami since they are something more modern. So, I was looking around and I found some original storyboard and cells from Inuyasha, a few things from Dragonball, and then I go to the kitsune (fox/fox demon) section and guess who I find a portrait of...GIN!!!!! I was surprised that someone at Disney knew about the whole Gin "Fox-face" thing! It's only a small attraction, but It's really cool and it's a great place to lay down if you have had one too many drinks or sushi. Of course I had to take photos. --Lemursrule


So if you find yourself in Walt Disney World, don't forget to pay a visit to Kitsune-taicho!
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